After a series of gruesome events in the past weeks in Syria, Russia and Sweden, media (including social media) turned their attention in reporting and raising awareness about the situations. One thing that media missed or neglected to report was the discriminatory language at the European Parliament. Maria Bizzotto and Angelo Ciocca from Lega Nord discriminated Roma at the debate session on behalf of the International Roma Day. Although freedom of speech is one of the basic principles of democracy and should be respected, MEPs should not be at liberty to use discriminatory language. All citizens and constituencies should be equally respected. When Korwin-Mikke discriminated against women for being less intelligent and weaker than men, president Tajani reacted to these sexist statements. Will Tajani react on the discriminatory language by the Parliament representatives or will he neglect the situation due to lack of media coverage?

Policy brief on Migration of Roma in EU: The case of Romani asylum seekers from Western Balkans. This policy brief provides data and policy recommendations aimed to confirm that temporary and/or permanent systems of reintegration for Roma asylum seekers in the Western Balkans 5 states (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia).


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