Mission and Vision


 The mission of Romalitico is to promote a dynamic open society through analyses, evidence-based research and advocacy for influencing public policies, the relationship of power and the allocation of resources for Roma in the Republic of North Macedonia and Europe.



The Vision of Romalitico is to strive to challenge the status quo and improve the situation of Roma in Europe.


From the beginning, the Institute for Policy Research and Analysis it’s been based on teamwork, cooperation and partnerships that it has built in the process of advocacy and consultancy with other social entities in the country and abroad. The Institute is dedicated to promoting a dynamically open society through analysis, research, consultancy and training for public policies targeting Roma in the Republic of North Macedonia and wider. The Institute aims to contribute complementarily to the development of political culture among the Roma community, including in public debates on current and future political and socio-economic processes. In the period 2019 - 2022, Romalitico will advocate and promote the following principles and values:


Relevance and innovation

Romalitico strives to provide the general public with new quick, quality, solutions and information regarding the Roma issue. It also aims to contribute through its analyses to new advocacy approaches.


Transparency and independence

Romalitico is non-partisan and independent institute from all national and international institutions and donors that aims to offer political solutions without political affiliation. The Institute is committed to transparency in the management with the financial assets. Through its website and through other public media, it publishes all relevant information about its work.



Inclusion and partnership

Romalitico as an Institute promotes dialogue among all stakeholders who are involved in the processes in any way and aims to contribute to the improvement of the situation of Roma in the Republic of North Macedonia and beyond. 






Cross-sectoral and long-term solutions

Romalitico aims to promote a new multidisciplinary way of strategic policy planning in the fields of law, economics and politics.

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