This report sheds light on one situation of Roma living in substandard Romani settlements (SRS), one of the most unacceptable forms of discrimination and exclusion of Roma communities across Europe. Substandard settlements can take different forms such as slums, shanty towns, ghettos, squats, dwellers, etc.  This report aims to illustrate some of the key challenges and living conduction in such sub substandard Roma settlements across Europe, and raise awareness on the slow violences of state disinvestment towards such communities.

In North Macedonia, the challenge of achieving sustainable urban development for substandard settlements has persisted for over 20 years. This long-standing issue has led to the significant  exclusion of a portion of the Roma community from social and economic opportunities. Due to the lack of urbanization in these settlements, residents endure inadequate housing, lack of basic infrastructure, unlegalized dwellings, unregulated civil status, and a polluted environment.

This report has been coordinated by Simona Torotcoi (GFoD, Romania), with the collaboration of Fatos Kaytan (Romani Godi Association, Turkey), Slobodan Stankovic (Central European University, Serbia) and Albert Memeti (Romalitico Institute for Policy Analysis, N. Macedonia).

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