This report born within the Countering Distortion of the Genocide of the Roma in  Southeastern Europe – A Key Element for Developing Anti-Racism Strategies and Anti Discrimination Policies and Practices project examines the history, memorialization, and  awareness of the genocide of Roma during the Second World War. The report also identifies  and assesses elements of distortion of the Roma genocide and formulates recommendations  for the education system, institutions, political and decision makers in North Macedonia to  increase knowledge of the history of genocide and provide new tools in the fight against  racism against Roma. The report also highlights through examples, documents, and  interviews how the genocide of the Roma, also called Porrajmos or Samudaripen, remains  barely known among the public and the scientific community in North Macedonia. At the  same time, it describes numerous expressions of racism against Roma – discrimination, social  exclusion, intolerance, and acts of violence that represent worrying risk indicators for  collective violence against Roma considering consider present-day typologies (UN, AIPG,  ADL’s Pyramid of Hate).

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