Become a Young Entrepreneur! Erasmus+ youth exchange made an opportunity for young people from eight countries to come together and develop their sense of entrepreneurship. The exchange which was ten days long, took place in Ocna Mures, Romania between 21 – 30th September 2018.

46 young people from Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Greece, Serbia, Turkey, Moldova and Hungary attended the exchange. They worked in mixed groups on how to make a business idea come to life. Taking part of seminars each day, young Roma and non-Roma got to know the financial and marketing aspects of an entrepreneurship. The groups of youngsters had the chance to gain knowledge with informal learning methods in the field of marketing and management. Young people exchanged ideas on how to design better business ideas, how to promote their business and how to design their financial plans. During the exchange, the participants were split into different working groups to compete for the „best business idea”. They had to present in front of a specially assigned jury their business idea by showing originality, clear financial plan and proving skills for public speaking and negotiations.

During the exchange the participants did not only gain serious skills in business, but also they could get a taste of other cultures at first hand. Non-Roma participants from eight countries got to learn much more about the Roma history, culture and language. Moreover, the participants visited the Roma Entrepreneurs Business Club in Targu Mures where they could receive a first-hand information on how a business functions. Many participants shared dedication to follow up on their business plans once they arrive home.

In the end of the youth exchange all participants and their group leaders received Youth Pass certificates.

The youth exchange „Become a Young Entrepreneur!” was organized by the Roma Entrepreneurship Development Initiative – REDI and its partners: Institute for research and policy analysis – Romalitico – Macedonia, RGDTS (Roma Gadje Dialogue Through Service) – Hungary, Center for Community Development Vrastiri – Bulgaria, National Roma Centre – Moldova, United Societies for Balkans – Greece, Roma Youth Associaiton – Serbia, and Federation of Mediterannean Roma Associations – Turkey.

The event is funded by the Erasmus Plus Programme of the European Union.

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